History of a Thunder

Do you know what causes thunder when it comes on the rainy day?

When I was a child, I always watching the rain in front of the window.  It feels cold, but there was something about rain that make me curious. I heard strange sound came from the sky, and lighting suddenly appeared accros the top of my house.

I wonder, where the sound came from in every rainy day? It sounds like giant firecracker explosion on the ied fithri’s night. What a noisy sky!

I asked my mother, “what is that strange sound, mom?”. She answered, “thunder”.

“Thunder? Where the thunder came from? What happened with the sky?”. She looks confuse, then nodded, “I don’t know. Thunder is always appear when rain comes. Its just a sound. Maybe its just sound of water”.

I wonder again, there must be a reason why it sound that way. Then my imagination came in an instant.

Maybe, there was a big angel landed above the clouds when rain came. Big angel, or more like a grimreaper with long flowing robe covered all his body. Big angel with no wings. He’s carried super huge oil drum, and then he dropped the oil drum on the clouds. The moment after, he pushed the oil drum from east to west, and from north to south. But, why he could do that? I don’t know. God must helped him or gave him super power. He continuously trundle the oil drum during rain.

The oil drum rolled on the clouds cause strange sound all over the sky, and on the earth too of course.

So, that’s where the sound came from! 

[Note : Belajar membuat cerita dalam bahasa Inggris. Kacau? Tolong dikoreksi yaa~]


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