PLEASE SHOW ME THE TRUE KOREA ! Will you believe me if  I told you that someday I will be in Korea? I just had to believe it. I don’t know how it works, but I had a dream to visit one of the Country Of My Dreams. Yes, Korea.

I never visit Korea nor any other countries. It’s like I never go anywhere. For once in my lifetime, i want to see the other world. Wherever it is.

When i hear Korea, the first things that come to my mind are hanbok and han gul. I dont know why some stuff like K-Pop, dramas or movies, and –of course their blink-blink fashion, don’t come first.  It’s probably because I learned my first knowledge about Korea when I saw a beautiful clothing called hanbok, while han gul  was the topic of my essay the first time I took part in an essay-writing competition in college. I didn’t win any prize, but I started to think that Korea was a country with an amazing culture. It wasn’t  only because of their cute actors and singers (oh, it reminds me of those boybands), but I thought Korea may have many different sides to learn; the people’s habits, public transportation, streets, their cool way of speaking (I often heard it in movies and dramas), and many more. Then I started to search about Korea; the movies, dramas (i had several favourite title), music, fashion, and mangas. Actually, I learned all that from books and the internet. I guess I only knew about Korea from the outside.

I know nothing about Korea. I can only imagine it –the whole Korea, and I’m not sure if all of it is true,  because I’ve never seen it. And i want to know more about Korea by visiting it.

I can imagine myself sitting in one of the cafe at Korea, drinking hot tea, looking at the blue sky, and taking picture of the city. And I’m sure I’ll make my first day unforgettable. How does it feel to be in a foreign country? How does it feel to eat Korean food while wearing hanbok? How  does it feel to… ah I really want to feel many things. Maybe I should start listing them :

1. Meet The Korean Prime Minister

Maybe it is imposible to meet him, but I imagine it would be great if I could just say hello to him.

2. Wearing Hanbok

I love hanbok. I must wear it, the Korean hanbok, like a cosplayer. Maybe I should ask someone to pick one for me, and I could ask them to teach me how to wear it. We can find hanbok in Indonesia too – one of my friends has one and it has a  very cute color. I want it too, but I can’t buy it. So the time I visit Korea, I promise to my self to wear hanbok.

3. Write a Letter to A Friend in Korea With Han Gul

If I were able to learn han gul just in a couple of days, I will try to write a letter to my new friend, a Korean. I will tell him/her that it’s my first time visiting Korea, and I feel very happy. If  I can’t write it in han gul, then English is fine. I hope I can make something useful when I’m in Korea. For me, it’s not just travelling and having fun.

4. Visiting The Temple and The Imperial Castle


In many Asian movies, Asian countries have great temples. I think Korea does too. I want to see the great temple in Korea.

I remember in some dramas, there are stories about Imperial History (Jewel in The Palace was my favourite Korean drama), and I want to see it. It will be great if I could see many places where the scenes of Jewel In The Palace were shot. I love the beaches and the prairies.

5. Visiting The National Library

In the Harry Potter movies, I see that Hogwarts (Harry Potter’s college) had a huge and gorgeous library. It looks like everything you need was there. The books covering all the walls. It was amazing. Maybe Korea has one too? I mean, a great library so we can find anything. I just want to see it.

6. Taste Korean Food With Friends

Of course I will taste every popular Korean food because I’ve never tasted it before. I don’t know which kind of food, anything will be fine. I could go to some restaurant, sit at a roadside, under a tree, talk with someone about anything, and  then stroll around the city. Maybe I could try hanging out by train, bus or other public transports. Just going around from one place to another. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So this is me : Ismawati, from Bandung, Indonesia.

That was my wish to visit Korea soon. And one more important thing, I would bring notebook so I can write everything and my feelings too.  I wish I would be there.

Note :

This post is submitted into the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO)’s competition. If you want to participate, visit this page. For further information about this competition, you can also read the Event Term & Conditions.  It’s free. Enjoy!



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